Antonie Frankie Aquino’s native roots web between the holographic computerized colosseum and the barren Mohave’s infamous playground, Las Vegas, where he competed for his modern medal in Bachelor’s of English. A 2016 Winter graduate of the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, Antonie gracefully was supported by troops of Pepsi cans and nuclear family. Besides his academic checklists, his other lists come by as suits: a photographer, visualizer, and speculator of the stellar sector. He enjoys smoked out books and boots which spur his quantum wheels. With his map still rolling and dice loaded, Antonie thinks that deserts deserve two s’s.

Occasionally I'm trigger happy and my shots are merely bullet hole frameworks for detailed concepts. I'm mostly focus on connecting words with images. The fabrication of visuals with poetics embodies a sort of fragmented landscape in which the viewer construes subtle familiarities and a glimpse of discovery.


The dimensions of time are foiled into strata– a thought of landscape language and internality spin towards a continuous cycle of awareness. Moments and time are fixed on the notion of deliverance and the past. Both are factors in the strata of moments and exist symbiotically to complement the lacks of each other's absence. A fleeting visual narrative – it’s reality and it projects awareness through flashes. 





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